5 Great Things About Wedding Newspapers

With weddings being one of the most widely celebrated events in the world, it can be a challenge to find different ways to make your day truly different and special.

What is a wedding newspaper?

'Wedding Newspapers’ are the new, beautiful and creative alternative to the traditional order of service. These newspapers are filled with content which is custom designed to each couple and can include information such as a timeline of the day, readings and vows, the menu, all about the wedding party, photographs, personal stories and even bespoke crosswords to test how well your guests really know you!

Below are 5 wonderful reasons to include a wedding newspaper in your special day.

A Chance to Add a Personal Element to your Wedding Day

The first and arguably best thing about a wedding newspaper is that it is completely customisable. The standard template can have elements added and removed as you wish to make it totally personalised to your special day. For example, adding a custom designed wedding monogram or logo is the perfect way to personalise the newspaper and tie it together with your invitations or other wedding stationery.

Are you particularly creative and want to show off your artistic talents? Adding hand drawn elements such as sketches of the venue, cake or drinks can make a beautiful and unique addition to the newspaper.

Wedding Newspaper design: 5 Great Things About Wedding Newspapers by Made by Wood & Wood

A Beautiful Memento that you and your Wedding Guests Will Cherish

You have no doubt spent a long time choosing who to invite to your wedding and selecting those who are the closest and most important people to celebrate with you on this special day. Your friends and family will love having something physical, in print, which, in addition to giving them all the information they need to know about the day, they can then take home, keep and even display long after the wedding is over.

For many couples, the day can pass by incredibly quickly so having a memento of the vows, menu, stories and all of the other personalised touches in the form of a wedding newspaper will give you something you can cherish forever.

Wedding Newspaper design: 5 Great Things About Wedding Newspapers by Made by Wood & Wood

A Chance to Show Off your Engagement Pictures

More and more wedding photographers are now offering packages which include an engagement or a trial photo shoot. A wedding newspaper is the perfect place to put these photographs. As well as giving you a chance to show off those lovely photos to those who haven’t seen them before, it adds a sense of your own unique style and personality to the paper.

Wedding Newspaper design: 5 Great Things About Wedding Newspapers by Made by Wood & Wood

An Opportunity to do Something Different to an Order of Service

There is limited room in the standard Order of Service format for all the details you may want to share with your guests about your wedding day. A wedding newspaper will make a lasting impression and allow you to share the story of you both and your relationship in a way that is special to you.

As well as making an impact and standing out from the crowd, this allows you to share those little pieces of information about your relationship, your friendships with your bridesmaids and groomsmen and your wedding planning in a beautiful and memorable way.

A Great Way to Get Your Guests Talking and Breaking the Ice

You can add many fun and creative elements to your wedding newspaper. Do you have an entertaining story about how you met or how you got engaged? Adding it to the newspaper can help break the ice and get your guests chatting and laughing (even if it is at your expense!).

Or go one step further and, in traditional newspaper style, add a personalised crossword. Nothing will get better interaction between your guests than them trying to find and swap answers to clues such as “the happy couple’s favourite holiday destination” or “the colour of the Groom’s suit”.

We absolutely adore wedding newspapers and some couples love the process more than when they created their wedding invitations...then again, reminiscing about great memories together and with your friends is bound to be enjoyable!

If you'd like to see more examples of wedding newspapers and the variety of styles on offer, please send us an email and we'll happily share more examples: hello@madebywoodandwood.com

With love and care,
Chloe & Tom

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