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Your Guide To Understanding Pre-Wedding Stationery

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We know just how confusing it can be trying to understand the world of wedding stationery, the wide variety of designs available, the different formats and all the individual parts. It can all become a bit confusing.  

So what's the purpose behind the most common items?

Save The Date

This is simply a 'diary note' to your guests. With so many of the details unlikely to be resolved until you're a couple of months away, this is basically an FYI to those you want to be there.

Most people are in a position to send this once they've booked a venue and know the exact date/s of their wedding. The details, such as timing etc can be worked out later.

Do I really need one? We'll no you don't, but it's a damn good idea. The majority of weddings take place during the summer months, when most people take holidays, often booking them months in advance. Imagine if one of your closest friends books a summer holiday 4 months before your wedding and they can't make the date you've sent when you send them the invite 2 months before the big day? This could be avoided with a Save The Date sent around 8 months or longer before your wedding, as they'd simply book a different week for their holiday with this advance notice.


The main part of an invitation is similar to a Save The Date. However it may be a little more formal in the language, it may be more descriptive and it's likely that it will hold more information. Some invitations can become really crowded with address details, timings, formal wording, names and dress codes all squeezed onto one side of A5. However, an information card or details card (these are two common names for the same thing) can help to reduce the amount of information that needs to sit on the invitation.

Information / Details Card

This frees up some breathing room on the main part of the invitation, making a more luxurious and considered finish, without losing any key information, such as timings or dress codes, for your guests as this is included on an additional card.

RSVP Card + Envelope

A common way to encourage a response to your invitation is to send an RSVP card to your guests, along with a self-addressed envelope for safe return. It's also a nice gesture to add a stamp to the return envelope too. The RSVP itself is an important item to receive because it helps to provide as close to final numbers as possible to your caterers and ensure items like a table plan and layout can be fully considered.

Belly Bands or Clips

Belly Bands are great for holding together your invitation, particularly when multiple cards are sent as part of the invitation. However, they do have a tendency to slip and once opened the belly band often doesn't reseal, leaving you with separate sheets of card.

Another alternative is to use a clip (such as a wire bulldog clip). This can sit neatly in the corner holding all the items together, whilst also being removable and allowing your guests to reclip all the parts together again, without fear of losing key information or misplacing the RSVP card before they've returned this to you.

Others alternatives

There are other ways to reduce or entirely remove some of these additional elements to your invitations. For example, you can create a wedding website which holds all the key information and allows your guests to RSVP to you using a simple online form. There are lots of sites out there that you can use to create beautiful wedding websites such as Squarespace, Joy and Getting Married.

You can then add the website address to your invitation and encourage people to find the relevant details and/or RSVP through this method.

Hopefully, this post provides you with the knowledge and understanding to make a more informed decision on the wedding stationery elements you need and what works best for you.

If you've got any queries about wedding stationery or would like additional clarity on anything above, please don't hesitate to ask. And don't forget to sign up to The Wedding Club for all the latest articles, guides and useful advice for your wedding journey.

Chloe & Tom