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Your Guide To Digital Wedding Invitations
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Your Guide To Digital Wedding Invitations

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Digital only wedding invitations are becoming increasingly commonplace for engaged couples. There are more services than ever before which offer digital design and distribution services. Some of these incorporate reminders and all of which allow you to send them to multiple people at a lower cost than printing and posting the invitations.

In this guide we look at a range of the pros, cons and secrets of digital only invitations.

What is a digital wedding invitation?

Ultimately this is pretty straightforward, but it's an invitation (and/or save the date) to your wedding which is sent digitally only. This is, more often than not, sent over email as it's easier to store and find when it's needed, unlike other methods, such as social media messaging.

Wedding Stationery Gold Foil Invitation Save The Date Email

What are the key advantages of digital wedding invitations?

  • Cost saving
  • Easy to mass send and track
  • Links to phone numbers and addresses with direct to app navigation can help to avoid a long description of how to find venues.
  • Animation can be included more easily
  • Can include video elements
  • Increasing range of designs and capabilities

What are the key disadvantages of digital wedding invitations?

  • Likely to feel less personal
  • Compatibility might be an issue across email providers
  • Your guests don't get the excitement of receiving your invitation through the post, opening it and displaying it in their homes. This may mean they don't get so much excitement in the build-up to your big day
  • Don't get the beauty or specialness of printed finishes and details
  • Due to high email volumes, the invite could be missed (or even fall into junk)
  • Can be easily deleted
  • If your wedding is in a low signal area, advantageous elements like clickable navigation links become redundant
  • Compatibility across devices can mean that animations on opening don't work as successfully as hoped
  • Less 'stick on fridge moments' so you may find some guests 'misplace' the invite and may even forget about your big day

Will printed wedding invitations become obsolete?

We certainly hope not! Digital only invitations are becoming increasingly popular, but even this increased popularity doesn't threaten to remove printed wedding invitations altogether (at least not for now). For many, the advantages of going digital only will be a big driver in following this route, but for others, the personal feel will be too important and as such, will still want to send printed versions to their guests.

How do digital invitations arrive?

It's normally over email, and where possible, when the email is opened up, there is a simple animation of an envelope opening and the invite sliding out and displayed. This can feel REALLY old school, which is mainly down to email servers and ensuring compatibility with mobile phone users too, whereby compatibility reduces the flexibility of what can be achieved as most providers adhere to the lowest common denominator. However, it does allow the invitee to RSVP directly via the email or a link within the email pretty quickly. But there is of course the disadvantage that it's opened and then forgotten about soon after, unlike a printed invitation which is likely to be seen again around the invitee's house.

Receiving Invitation Email Online Phone Digital

Is there a sweet spot?

Yes! Digital invitations, which can also be printed, are ideal for those guests who you think might miss the invitation or the older generation who might not be on email or regular users of it. If you're looking to keep costs down then avoiding gold foil finishes, embossing or other special production techniques on the printed versions will help to keep the printing costs down, but it does give you flexibility to invite people to your wedding in the way you think its most appropriate. That being said, this does limit some of the designs available if you want both a digital and print version to appear the same.

So what's right for me?

For many, a mixture of digital and print will be best. There is a big cost saving advantage with digital invitations, and these can be especially useful when inviting people who are abroad, who may travel regularly without a permanent address or if you're currently living abroad and returning to a home nation where most of your guests still reside. If you can find a design which has both a digital option you can send over email and a printed option too, you're in luck!

Wedding Stationery Gold Foliage Invitation Save The Date

How do I know if something I've seen is printed or digital, or both?

Most good sellers of invitations will be explicit in their description that the design is intended for printing or digital output. However in the case of many, it will be possible to do both versions, and whilst some might not give costs for both, it's always worth asking the seller if they would be able to make a digital version too and the costs associated to creating this.

All good stationery companies will be open and friendly when it comes to enquiries on their designs, and we ourselves welcome anyone who'd like to take our printed invitations and have a digital version and vice versa.

We hope this guide helps you understand some of the pros and cons of digital invitations, but if you've got any questions, let us know!

Best wishes,
Chloe & Tom